European Military Medical Services 2022


The Coronavirus pandemic, several wars in Africa, Middle East and Asia, some outbreaks and natural disasters on top: The Military Medical Services have been actively supporting troops and the people in the affected regions.

And the dramatic dimension of History hit the heart of Europe on 24th February 2022. With Russia expanding its invasion of Ukraine, our Ukrainian comrades are now experiencing at our doorstep battle casualties management, ground medical evacuations, acute CBRN (Chemical, Biologic, Radiologic and Nuclear) threats, population movements within battlefields, etc. Military health services were never so useful and needed than during these last weeks.

Battle injuries, diseases and non-battle injuries, mental health, CBRN risks and threats, force health protection, combat fitness and well-being of the militaries, medical supply: military health services have a lot to perform, and less and less human resources to achieve it.

The availability of this fundamental support is now more and more a limiting factor for deployments and combat operations, and as every weak point, it becomes a target during operations. 

The EMMS journal tries to bring its very modest contribution to the European nations’ effort to develop, improve and enhance their military health services. This year, we cover with our articles a part of all their missions: education and training with the French Military-Medical Academy, supply and procurement with the German supply in oxygen and the NSPA, force health protection and CBRN medical counter-measures with the Czech Biological Defence Centre, an international meeting in Spain, and of course, the Multinational Medical Coordination Centre / European Medical Command, offering to European Forces solutions for coordination and shared management.

You can find the complete EMMS 2022 edition here .


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